Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/ID)

Tomorrow’s Hope offers five intermediate care facilities, otherwise known as an ICF/ID or a “group home.” There are 6 to 7 residents in each home.

Treasure Valley ICFs - Intermediate Care FacilitiesThis is a federally mandated program which provides “active treatment” for each resident.  This means everything done throughout the normal day is considered to be a learning opportunity for the resident and a teaching opportunity for the staff. We also assure that outside services are scheduled to meet the individual’s needs (speech, physical therapy, etc.).

At Tomorrow’s Hope we we do our utmost to give the homes a family-atmosphere, celebrating successes, birthdays, and holidays and mourning losses and set backs together. We build relationships and bonds with the residents and their families.

Programming is based upon the strengths and needs of each individual resident. It is also based upon the principle that all people are to be treated with dignity and respect.  Tomorrow’s Hope believes that all individuals desire and need meaning in their life, therefore we strive to see the individual first and the disability second.

All services are provided under the direction of a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) and a Paraprofessional. All direct care staff are trained to work with challenging behaviors in general as well as specific for each home.  Staff are trained to manage medical needs.  Each home has Licensed Professional Nurses to oversee all medical appointments and needs as well as a Registered Nurse.

For more information contact the Program Director using our web form or by calling 208-319-0760.